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Simulated CO2 Leakage Experiment in Terrestrial Environment: Monitoring and Detecting the Effect on a Cover Crop Using 13C Analysis

GHGT11 Conference paper
Moni, A. C. Rasse, D. P.
 Geological CO2 storage will be designed to prevent any CO2 leakage. However, according to precaution principles the impact of any risks, independently from its probability of occurrence, must be studied. Following this approach the present study is concerned with the characterisation of the potential impacts that CO2 leaks might have on a cropland ecosystems. A simulated CO2 leakage using a 13CO2 tracer was carried out under an oats crop. Results showed that the CO2 leakage could be mapped within the soil-atmosphere continuum and was responsible for local reduction of the plant growth. The use of 13C analysis enabled a better constraint of the leak modality in soil.