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OGS - Persoglia Sergio

Sergio Persoglia
International Collaborations director
+39 040 2140229
+39 329 2607303
Sergio PersogliaStatus of Sergio Persoglia
Mr Sergio Persoglia is the Director for International Collaborations at the OGS, that he joined in 1981. Prior to this assignment, he has been head of the team for R & D in Seismics, Director of the department Geophysics of the Lithosphere and Advisor to the OGS President. Expert in seismic data collection and processing, he has been scientific and/or operative responsible for OGS of many national programs (Deep Crust in Italy and the geophysical survey in the seas around Antarctica) and European projects (among which Castor, IncaCO2, CO2GeoNet, CO2ReMoVe, Geocapacity, MovECBM, RISCS).

He acted as Network Manager and, then, as Secretary of CO2GeoNet, the European Network of Excellence on the Geological Storage of CO2. Actually, he is Secretary General of the association CO2GeoNet and President 2010 of ENeRG, the European network of research institutes from 31 European countries.

Mr Sergio Persoglia holds a degree in Electronic Engineering of the University of Trieste, Italy.
He has a background in seismic data acquisition and processing