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ZERO - Zero Emission Resource Organisation

Zero Emission Resource Organization (ZERO) is a Norwegian based environmental foundation. ZERO is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to reducing climate change by demonstrating and gaining acceptance for zero emission energy solutions.
ZERO works with a wide range of sources for greenhouse gas emissions. Below follows a list of our major fields of focus
  • CO2-capture and storage
  • Electric power for the offshore sector
  • Wind energy
  • Biofuels for road transport, ships and heating
  • Electric vehicles
  • Hydrogen
  • Other renewable energy, like bioenergy, solar, tide, wave energy.
  • Agriculture
  • Buildings
ZERO is based on the strong conviction that all energy demands can be met without emitting any harmful materials into the environment. The mounting challenge of global warming makes the development and implementation of CCS technology an urgent matter.
ZERO is working with CO2 storage in the North Sea, as well as worldwide. We focus on knowledge based public information and accept in our work.
Information, political advocacy and communication for CCS is one of the main activities for ZERO. Our CCS web, www.zeroco2.no, is vital for this work. This is an information web for CCS with massive information about technologies for capture, transport and storage, storage safety, projects and government policies. The purpose of this is to provide good reliable information about CCS. And to provide a good and updated overview on all CCS projects worldwide.
We also have an extensive English CCS report. This report explains what carbon capture and storage is, why it is necessary, the major methods currently available and some future technologies, and the main security issues of CO2 storage. Report and other information available on request.