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Enel - Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione S.p.A

Enel is the principal electricity operator in Italy and produces and sells electricity to over 30 million customers mostly in Europe, North America and Latin America.
Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione S.p.a is part of Enel Group formed by the partial splitting of Enel Produzione S.p.A., which produces electricity by the conversion of coal, natural gas, fuel oil, and using renewable sources. with a net generation capacity is 40.47 GW (25.12 GW of thermal production and 15.35 GW from renewable sources). In the year 2007 it produced about 94,2 TWh electricity.
Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione was formed in 2009 to carry out the design and construction of both front end and conventional power plants, as well as research and innovation studies required by the Enel group and third parties.
Enel Ingegneria e Innovazione participates in the project through its Research unit (Brindisi site) whose headquarter is located in Pisa. It employs about 190 people and has more than 30 years of proven experience in the field of energy conversion. Its main research fields are Generation Systems, Fuels and Combustion, Gas Treatment, Gas Turbine and Environment.
In 2006 Enel launched an environmental and innovation programme to invest in demonstration of zero emission power plant generation. According to this target, Enel is carring out a project aimed at the demonstration of the CO2 capture and storage at the industrial level. A 10.000 Nm3/h pilot unit of CO2 capture by amine absorption is under contract, and the decision on investment for a demonstration plant of 1 MNm3/h (320 Mwe) will be taken at the end of 2010 according to the result of the detailed feasibility study and the implementation of the legal framework for the permitting procedure.
Enel has a representative in the European Technology Platform for Zero Emission Fossil Fuel Power Plants (ZEP) and takes part in the activities of the technical working groups. It is a partner in some CCS projects: DYNAMIS, DECARBit and funding partner in other research projects (e.g. CESAR).