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BGS - British Geological Survey - RISCS Coordinator

BGS is the principal supplier of geological expertise in the UK and has the UK's largest academic CCS research group. We have around 800 staff and are a centre of the Natural Environment Research Council. The Project will be staffed by the CCS Research Team within the BGS Energy Programme.
BGS is a leading player in the field of underground CO2 storage. We co-ordinated the ground-breaking Joule 2 project in the mid-1990s and since then have taken a leading research role in a number of major EU/industry and government funded projects. In the last two years BGS have carried out more than 40 CO2 storage projects for a range of customers, including the EU, industry and the UK and overseas governments, with an annual CCS budget of over £1m.
Examples of recent work include; coordinating the European input to the Weyburn project in Canada, for which monitoring was extended to 2005; coordinating the Nascent natural analogues project; coordinating the CO2Geonet Network of Excellence; developing monitoring and environmental impacts research in the CO2ReMoVe project; developing monitoring programmes for European storage sites; developing a web-based site monitoring selection tool for the IEAGHG R&D programme; review of monitoring technologies for CO2 storage for the UK DTI; reviews of the Otway Basin and Gorgon CO2 storage projects for the Australian authorities; supplying a Lead Author to the IPCC Special Report on Carbon Dioxide Capture and the IPCC Guidelines for Compiling National Greenhouse Gas Inventories.
BGS is the coordinator of the proposed project and as such would lead WP6 Coordination and Management as well as co-leading WP5 Integration and Dissemination. BGS would have input to WP1 Reference systems and scenarios and WP4 Numerical simulations and play a major role in WP3 Onshore field experiments both in assessing the impact of CO2 on micro- and macrobiological communities and measuring gas concentrations and fluxes.