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Quintessa - Quintessa Limited

Quintessa Limited is an employee-owned SME with UK offices in Henley-on-Thames and Warrington, and Japanese offices in Yokohama and Tokai. The company was founded in 1999, and has since developed into an organization with over 30 permanent staff and a similar number of associates who have provided services to more than 45 clients in 16 countries. The company brings together experienced consultants with a solid track record in modelling and assessment for the environmental impact of energy technologies, including CO2 storage. Quintessa aims to provide the highest quality consultancy and contract research, specialising in the development and application of quantitative and qualitative techniques for integrated assessment and decision-making.
In Phase 1 of the Weyburn project Quintessa developed a generic database of Features, Events and Processes (www.quintessa-online.org/co2), a powerful tool for assessing the impacts of CO2 geological storage systems. Quintessa’s performance assessment Code (QPAC) has been used to better understand data obtained from CO2 storage laboratory and field experiments, and natural analogues, in particular to simulate ecosystem impacts at the Latera site as part of the CO2GeoNet programme. In addition, Quintessa is currently contributing to decision support, modelling and performance assessment tasks within the CO2ReMoVe project.
Within the proposed RISCS project, Quintessa would take the lead on WP1 (descriptions of reference systems and scenarios), carry out the terrestrial systems modelling in WP4.1 and contribute to evaluating realistic limits on impacts from credible leakage scenarios in WP5.1 in addition participating in the overall management of the project in WP6.
Quintessa Limited
United Kingdom