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SINTEF - Petroleumsforskning AS

Sintef is a contract research and development institute focusing on developing new knowledge and technology for exploration and production of petroleum resources, both nationally and internationally. Particular specialities are advanced drilling and integrated operations, CO2 storage and field development studies as well as multiphase flow assurance through its world class industrial scale multiphase flow laboratories.
In the RISCS project, Sintef will contribute with its experience and competence within several areas; Identification of credible scenarios for leakage of CO2 from a storage complex through modelling, set-up of a field laboratory for CO2 leakage experiments and its general expertise in the many aspects of CO2 storage.
Sintef has a 40-year-old track record in petroleum research and has made considerable contributions to Norwegian exploration and production technology. These are recognised all over the world for their high quality and standards.
Sintef has been working with underground storage of CO2 in relevance to the climate change issue since 1986. The projects have included all aspects of the storage scheme including EOR, transport infrastructure integration, economy and climate modelling. Since 1993 SPR has been participating in EU projects, starting with the “Underground storage of CO2” in the Joule II programme, and including finished and ongoing projects such as SACS, SACS2, CO2Store, ULCOS, CASTOR, CO2GeoNet, CO2ReMoVe and ECCO. SPR is today an active partner for Gassnova, Gassco and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate in the work for establishing safe storage for CO2 from the Mongstad and Kårstø plants, having delivered three reservoir studies during the last year on this topic.
The institute collaborates with other research institutes, with a number of universities and in particular with NTNU (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology).