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E.ON - E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd

E.ON New Build & Technology Limited is a consulting engineering and scientific services company owned by E.ON Energie AG, part of the E.ON Group, to serve investors and operators in the fields of power and gas.

E.ON New Build & Technology is the ‘technology centre’ of the E.ON Group, providing highly innovative efficiency and future-proofing solutions for electricity and gas-sector plant and equipment. Thanks to close integration into the operational processes of the E.ON Group, E.ON New Build & Technology is able to provide customers with comprehensive expertise in the fields of energy plant operation and research and development.

E.ON New Build & Technology Limited is a subsidiary company of E.ON New Build & Technology GmbH, which is headquartered in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. E.ON New Build & Technology Limited is located in Ratcliffe, near Nottingham.

Three main pillars of technical competency constitute our core business and define our contribution to the E.ON group:
  • New build
  • Operational support
  • Research & development.
Innovative solutions for clients’ current problems and future needs are developed by E.ON New Build & Technology as part of focussed R&D projects sponsored by a variety of stakeholders. The company participates in collaborative R&D projects within the UK and Europe. Collaborative R&D projects make full use of partnerships with Universities and system suppliers.
The work associated with this project will be led by staff within E.ON New Build & Technology's Environmental Modelling team. The engineers and scientists from the department are currently engaged in – and have already delivered – several collaborative projects in the UK and in Europe concerned with cleaner fossil fuel technologies and CO2 capture and storage technologies. These include:
  • EC Framework programme, CASTOR project (post-comb. CO2 capture)
  • EC Framework programme, CAPRICE project (post-comb. CO2 capture)
  • EC Framework programme, CESAR project (post-comb. CO2 capture)
  • EC Framework programme, ECCO project (CO2 transportation & storage)
  • EC Framework programme, CACHET project (pre-comb. CO2 capture)
  • EC Framework programme, DYNAMIS project (pre-comb. CO2 capture)
  • UK Technology Strategy Board, OxyCoal I and OxyCoal II projects (oxyfuel)
E.ON UK is well placed to make use of the results from these projects and the business strategy expects to exploit many of the technologies that are being developed and proven by these R&D projects in power stations that will be built in the UK in the near future.
E.ON New Build & Technology Ltd
  Matthew Baggaley
Technology Centre, Ratcliffe-on-Soar, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG11 0EE
United Kingdom