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RISCS results presented at IEAGHG Network Meeting

October 2015, Southampton
Results from the RISCS project were included in 3 presentations made at the IEAGHG Risk Management Network and Environmental Research Network Combined Meeting held 28 September to 2 October 2015 at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton
The presentations that included RISCS results were: 1. Relationship between sea floor emission rate and environmental peturbation. Jerry Blackford, PML and Baixin Chen, Heriot Watt University 2. Predicting the impact of sub-seabed leakage of CO2 on benthic microbes and microbially-driven processes: lessons learned from mescocosm and field studies. Karen Tait, PML 3. A review of recent research on potential environmental impacts of CO2 in terrestrial environments. Dave Jones, BGS