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RISCS Final Conference

29 November 2013 - IFPEN - France
The RISCS final conference will be held Friday 29th November (8h30-16h30) at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), Rueil-Malmaison, France (near Paris)
Over the past four years RISCS has focussed on the potential environmental impacts that might be associated with CO2 leakage from a storage site. Whilst the potential for leakage is considered very low in well-characterised and managed sites, operators and regulators will still need to demonstrate an understanding of the risks relevant to their site.
This conference will present the results of this research. Attending the final conference will give you an opportunity to discuss the scale and nature of possible impacts with experts from across Europe.
Presentations will describe the key messages from field laboratory experiments, measurements at natural leakage sites and numerical simulations for both marine and terrestrial ecosystems.
A final version of the Guide to appraising impacts of CO2 leakage scenarios in Europe will be available to participants providing operators and regulators with practical criteria to evaluate risk and monitoring strategies.
 Studying CO2 dispersion and species responses in an analogue site in the Italian Mediterranean