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Outcomes of the Stakeholder workshop

25th September 2013, London, UK
This workshop focused on developing guidelines for assessing potential impacts of leakage from CO2 storage sites where key findings were presented by partners working on the RISCS project.
  • Introductions and overview – Jonathan Pearce, BGS
  • Introduction to RISCS, Dave Jones, BGS
  • Definition of reference environments and scenarios, Alex Bond, Quintessa
Session 1 - Marine impacts – Chair: Edwin Foekema, IMARES
  • Responses to potential leakage in the following marine environments: Cool temperate shallow marine Edwin Foekema, IMARES
  • Warm shallow marine Salvatore Lombardi, URS
Session 2 - CO2 dispersal and modelling
  • Recommendations – Site selection, site Characterisation, monitoring and remediation, Edwin Foekema
Session 3 - Terrestrial impacts
  • Responses to potential leakage in the following terrestrial environments:
  • Maritime temperate and Mediterranean regions, Dave Jones, BGS
  •  Groundwater impacts in Mediterranean regions, Stan Beaubien, URS
  • CO2 dispersal and modelling, Kate Thatcher, Quintessa Recommendations, Julie West, BGS
Summary – Jonathan Pearce, BGS