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18th - 22th November 2012, Kyoto, Japan
RISCS partners presented a series of papers and posters at the Greenhouse gas technologies conference in Kyoto, Japan.
Here is the list of presentations made:
A.E. Bond, R. Metcalfe, P.R. Maul, P. Suckling, K. Thatcher, R. Walke, K. Smith, D. Rasse, M. Steven and D. Jones. Systems analysis of field and laboratory experiments considering impacts of CO2 leakage in terrestrial systems
F. Ziogou, V. Gemeni, N. Koukouzas, D. de Angelis, S. Libertini, S. E. Beaubien, S. Lombardi, J. M. West, D. G. Jones, P. Coombs, T. S. Barlow, S. Gwosdz and M. Krüger. Potential environmental impacts of CO2 leakage from the study of natural analogue sites in Europe
Christophe Moni, Raphaël Fauches, and Daniel P. Rasse. Simulated CO2 leakage experiment in terrestrial environment: Monitoring and detecting the effect on a cover crop using 13C analyses (Poster)
K L Smith, M.D Steven, D G Jones, J M West, P Coombs, K A Green, T S Barlow, N Breward,
S Gwosdz, M Krüger, S E Beaubien, A Annunziatellis, S Graziani and S Lombardi. Environmental impacts of CO2 leakage: recent results from the ASGARD facility, UK (Poster)
A. Paulley, R.Metcalfe, M. Egan, P. R. Maul, L. Limer, A.-A. Grimstad, and the RISCS Project Team. Hypothetical Impact Scenarios for CO2 Leakage from Storage Sites
J. C. Blackford, R. Torres, P. Cazanave, Y. Artioli. Modelling dispersion of CO2 plumes in sea water as an aid to monitoring and understanding ecological impact