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RISCS Stakeholder Workshop

Wednesday 25th September, America Square Conference Centre, London (UK)
RISCS Stakeholder Workshop
RISCS has spent the last four years investigating the nature of environmental impacts that might occur if CO2 leaked from a storage site following injection. Whilst the potential for leakage is considered very low in well-characterised and managed sites, operators and regulators will still need to demonstrate an understanding of the risks relevant to their site.
This short workshop will give you an opportunity to discuss the scale and nature of possible impacts with experts from across Europe. We will also be seeking your feedback on the RISCS Guide for Impact Appraisal. After registering for the event at the following address, we would like to send you a copy of our Draft Guide and will be very interested in hearing your comments at our meeting.
We will discuss the key messages we are developing from the RISCS research and elsewhere, which are focussed on impacts in the marine environment...
Mesocosm experiments to understand potential North Sea community responses to elevated CO2
Studying CO2 dispersion and species responses in an analogue site the Italian Mediterranean.
And terrestrial environment...
Analysing soil gas compositions at a site of naturally elevated CO2 in Florina, Northern Greece.
Exposing crops to controlled CO2 dosages in Norway.

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