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RISCS on track

Thessaloniki 9-11 of November
In November all partners and stakeholders of the various working groups and boards of the RISCS project, got together in Thessaloniki for the first annual meeting. Already many of the field studies and laboratory tests could present their initiative results and experiences.
The researchers both on terresterial and marine environments, testing the effect of CO2 leakages, lay forward some impressive work these few months of initial studies. The studies has to build upon these first learnings, and be repeated and developed over an extencive time period, to be basis for conclusions though. Having said that, it was good for all participants to see the RISCS project beeing on track and delivering interesting inputs for the further work.

The annual meeting was a good arena for shared knowledge and inspiration cross disciplines, geographical regions and working methods. It was also an important arena for debate on the communication and media work, the overall development and purpose of RISCS. It was the first time all parts of the project met, which proved to be very useful. The Advisory Board contributed for example with specific inputs and advices when it came to methodology and scenarios.
RISCS meeting nov 2010